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Indian Restaurant

Authentic North and South Indian Cuisine in your local area offering quality gourmet food


About Us

“ Great food has been my passion for so long. Since I can remember I was in the kitchen helping my mum and watching her eagerly as she prepared meals for the family everyday. When it was time to choose a career I followed my heart and started my education and training in the food industry. It's been a long time since those days but my vision for the future stayed the same; I wanted to have my own restaurant and offer simple but quality gourmet food that brings people together and creates love and harmony. That's how Citrus Indian Restaurant came to life, from my family to yours. I have 20 years of experience in creating mouth watering indian cuisine and I'm certain I can satisfy your cravings whether it is for a tasty curry or a scrumptious Biryani. I hope you enjoy your experience dining with us and rest assured that we use the best quality products to prepare all the meals because that's what I would do for my own family. „

Sincerely - Azar Saleh
June 2017

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